Virtual command center for multi-node Java web applications

MoSKito-Control is a web-based real-time performance monitoring tool, designed for controlling multi-node apps.

Enjoy a bird's eye view on your application,
predicting any upcoming problem.

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MoSKito Control Features

Full control at a glance

One look is enough to see the health of the whole application or any of its components.


Controls for essential operations

Switching between apps, stats filtering, displaying charts and history — everything is just a click away.


Combined charts for multiple nodes

Performance info from multiple application nodes may be united on one chart for instant comparison.


Entire change history

The complete history of status changes is instantly available for all monitored components.



Mute function stops all monitoring and notifications for a certain period, allowing you to deploy or run tests without causing an alarm.


iPhone App

Use the iOS App to control your application 24/7.


MoSKito Control for iPhone

MoSKito-Control App is a tool for monitoring multi-node JAVA-based web applications.
MoSKito-Control App is all you need to know the health of your app at a single glance.

Moskito control iOS screen 1
Moskito control iOS screen 2
Moskito control iOS screen 3
Moskito control iOS screen 4

Convenient grouping for all monitored components.

Color-based health indicators for every component.

History of state changes.

Quick switching between the monitored applications.