Storage for MoSKito data

MoSKito-Central is the centralised storage server for keeping performance data, collected by MoSKito.

Build your own data warehouse. Know how your app performed last Monday, a month or a year ago.

Java web app

MoSKito Central Features

Centralised data archive

Complete and exhaustive performance history of your application, stored in one place.


Complete tracing of inter-node communication

Capture all the calls and processes that run between nodes of your app, and never miss any of the them.


Local storage ensures data security

The data is stored entirely on the local machine. No external servers or cloud storage involved. Your info is only at your own disposal.


Multiple transfer protocols

Use direct communication, RMI or HTTP. Create custom connectors and use any other protocol.


Absolute storage flexibility

- Application memory or filesystem.
- JSON/XML/CSV files (other types available after config).
- SQL and non-SQL databases.


Embedded or Standalone Modes

Embedded Mode for collecting and storing data inside one monitored app, Standalone Mode for complex application architecture.